LOOSE LEAD: The Life and Dog-Training Secrets of Texas Legend Adelene Pardo

By Nancy Francis

Time, patience and love invested in training a dog can pay handsome dividends, says Adelene Pardo.

She should know. Over the four decades she has trained and showed dogs, those ingredients have been the keys to her success both in and out of the show ring.

In this new book by Nancy Francis, Mrs. Pardo illustrates and details her loose-lead handling style. The adventures and behind-the-scenes stories about life on the dog show circuit that she shares in LOOSE LEAD will entertain any reader. A special photo section highlights her most memorable successes.

In the July 4, 2003 issue of Dog News, Contributing Editor Matt Stander said, “I would earnestly suggest that everyone at (American Kennel Club) be required to read this book as a means to strengthen the need for AKC’s involvement with the professional handler.”

“…when it comes to dog lovers, Pardo seems to take the biscuit,” said Josh Gajewski in the July 19, 2003 Houston Chronicle.

Whether your dog is a show competitor or just an important family member, LOOSE LEAD is the essential guide to helping both dog and human enjoy each other to the fullest.



Bay of One Hundred Fires

By J. Lanier Yeates

As US election year politics fueled controversy over Iraq, the question remained: Did Saddam Hussein have weapons of mass destruction before being chased from his palaces by a US-led coalition? If so, what had he done with them?

The story of Bay of One Hundred Fires solves’ this mystery in a chilling tale that describes where those alleged weapons might be, how they got there and how big a threat they might pose.

Weaving together the desperation of leftover cold war regimes and the unknowns of today’s ongoing war on terror, the plot of this up-to-the-minute fiction thriller is complex, horrifying—and entirely plausible. As the mighty US Navy works to unravel the strings that tie together a deadly terror network, the 21st century battle of wits and weapons draws in a young Navy lieutenant commander and maverick CIA analysts.

The US Navy has powerful assets—massive, sophisticated firepower coupled with 21st century technology. And in Bay of One Hundred Fires, these assets are leveraged by a nuclear-powered guided-missile cruiser skipper named Hoss Mueller.

“Lanier Yeates’ first novel is an absorbing page-turner — one that takes today’s headlines and turns up the octane to deliver a frighteningly realistic geopolitical thriller that cannot be put down.” — Stephan Kinsella, Attorney and political risk consultant.

Order now at www.atlasbooks.com.